No More Calls Saying The Home Is Being Sold, Crazy Rent Increases, Or Being Held Hostage... We Help Friends & Clients To Achieve The American Dream By Getting Them In A Home That Gives Them The Option To Rent Or Buy! 

Do You Qualify?


Rent To Own Homes How It Works

Hand Pick Your Home 

Choose from thousands of real homes on the market that qualify for rent to own.

Know Your Rent All Upfront

No more guessing what your rent will be every year. You'll know upfront what it is for the next five years should you stay.

Move Into A Home That Hasn't Been Rented Over & Over & Over 

Move in usually occurs about 45 days after we are under contract.

Have The Option But Not The Obligation To Buy It

You have the option to buy the home every year that you are in it.


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

I was ready to settle and he encouraged to keep up the fight....

We were able to get the home of our dreams in the exact area we wanted to be in...

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But Chad All I Want To Do Is Rent!

Great, then that is all you have to do.  Again this is renting with options.  The option to rent
up to five years, buy anytime over those five years or walk away.

It's that easy.

Here's How It Works

Once you are approved we send you homes that are for sale on the market that fit your search.

 We look at real homes for sale on the market that you could see yourself buying one day and the investor makes an offer on it.

The offer gets accepted and you move into it  This is about 45 days after we go under contract.

Chad Denke //  Relationship builder

The real estate market has been little crazy over the last 8 years. During that time I continually had clients that kept struggling to make it in this market.

That's when I discovered a whole new way of helping people succeed and that was helping them find homes that came with options.  

I't brought me on a journey that I never saw I would be on.  I've helped countless families achieve their dreams and I look forward to helping you achieve yours.

Chad Denke

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Chad Denke is the best real estate agent I have worked with...

He goes above and beyond to make his clients...

The Best Time to Start Taking Advantage Of Your Options is Now!

The days of being pushed around by landlords and not knowing what your future is like are over.  The time has come for a new way of thinking and taking control of where you are going in the future. Schedule your time to start changing your future now.