Rent To Own Homes: How It Works

Looking to find your forever home, but don't have the money outright? You can rent a home NOW with the option but not the obligation to buy with our rent to own program. Click on the link below to start the processer your text here...

5 steps

The Rent To Own Process

Step 1: Apply & Get Approved

No more filling out multiple applications for different properties, and paying hundreds of dollars in application fees. This process has been simplified so you only complete 1 application and you are given a maximum budget based on your income. This approval is valid for up to 120 days, and is as good as gold so long as nothing in your income and credit profile change.

apply, get approved

Step 2: Find The Perfect Home

No more contacting landlords to try to schedule showings and not getting returned calls! Once your approval is in place, you'll work with one of our Great Way agents to compile a list of homes that are within your budget and meet your criteria. We'll schedule a tour of all of your favorite homes at once and accompany you during the showing process to pick the perfect home for you.

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Step 3: The Investor Purchases The Home For You

It's sort of like having a rich uncle. No, it's not too good to be true either. The investor purchases the home on your behalf, subject to the terms of your agreement with them. Depending on which program you choose (12mo Lease, Rent2Own, Contract for Deed), you'll have the opportunity to review all of the terms upfront including your monthly rent payment, which is ultimately based on the program you choose, and the length of the agreement.


Prior to closing on the property, the investor will have a thorough inspection to be sure there are no safety or quality issues. If the property passes inspection, they close on it and spend 2 weeks making any necessary repairs or requested updates so it's ready for you on your move-in date!


Basic Requirements To Qualify

Qualifying for the rent-to-own program is as easy as satisfying these 7 basic requirements:

  • Annual household income of $45,000+
  • Minimum Credit Score 580
  • Rental rates starting at $1,300 per month
  • Stable employment
  • No history of eviction or other landlord issues
  • No pending bankruptcy
  • No disqualifying criminal history

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You're in good company

Chad Denke makes you feel like a Hollywood star, and I mean literally. Not only are you given a true red carpet experience, but by the end of it all you gain a family friend, one that is willing to cook which is an added bonus!!

Maria Mudd

Due to Chad's preparation & hard work, our house sold within 48 hours & we had multiple offers! Chad negotiated among several prospective buyers to insure we would get the best deal possible. This resulted in a contract that was well over our asking price.

Marsha Bates

He listened to my concerns what I could afford and he helped me along the way even when it looked like I was not going to get it, he never let me think it was not going to go through he remained positive, and when he was there with the red carpet it was worth the it.

Shanton Harris

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