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Rent To Own Homes In Tempe, AZ

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Tempe, Arizona, is a vibrant city filled with exciting activities, job opportunities, a magnificent view of the surrounding nature, academic opportunities, and safe and welcoming neighborhoods. So it's no surprise that in 2020, it made the 26th spot on Livability's Top 100 Places to Live in America.

One of the most prominent qualities of Tempe is its proximity to significant destinations in Arizona - Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the Phoenix airport.

Tempe is also the home of Arizona State University, a Pac-12 school and one of the top ten universities with the best online undergraduate programs in the country.

With its robust job market and growing economy, Tempe offers a suitable environment for career-driven individuals. Future projections claim that Tempe's job sector will increase by 45% in the next decade.

The industries with the strongest workforce in Tempe are:

  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism

When it comes to activities and adventure, Tempe doesn't disappoint. You can enjoy hiking, biking, taking a scenic walk, or simply enjoying the gorgeous views of the surrounding nature at these parks and trails in Tempe:

  • Hayden Butte Preserve Park
  • South Mountain National Trail
  • Papago Park Butte Loop
  • Tempe Town Lake Trail

If you're in the mood for shopping, entertainment, dining, or drinking, you can visit the Mill Avenue District in Downtown Tempe.

Parents looking to give their kids access to a quality education won't find a better place than Tempe.

Aside from the ASU, you'll find top-performing schools and universities here, such as:

  • Ward Traditional Academy
  • Fuller Elementary School
  • Tempe Preparatory Academy
  • James Madison Preparatory School
  • Rio Salado College

Looking for houses for sale or rent-to-own homes in Tempe, AZ?

Residential properties in Tempe cost a bit higher than in other cities. The city's average home value is $525k or $314 per square foot.

Rent for a one-bedroom residential unit averages $1450 and around $2395 for a three-bedroom property.

Cost of living in Tempe, AZ

The cost of living in Tempe is 2% higher than the national average but a bit more affordable than other cities in the Phoenix metro area. Residents here pay more for housing, transportation, and healthcare, but they pay less for groceries.

Households in Tempe have a median income of $57,994, while individuals earn $30,784 on average.

Best neighborhoods in Tempe, AZ

Moving into Tempe? Here are some neighborhoods to consider:

  • Dava-Lakeshore - located near supermarkets, entertainment amenities, and healthcare institutions; prices of rental and residential properties are also affordable here
  • Cyprus-Southwest - surrounded by top-rated schools, public libraries, green spaces, and neighborhood amenities
  • Tally Ho Farms North - ideal for aspiring residents who want to venture into farming; there's no homeowner's association here, so there are no monthly dues 


History faces a metropolitan makeover in Tempe City, the 26th best place to live in America. It's a cradle of employment opportunities, quality education, vibrant nightlife, and ideal neighborhoods.

The cost of living in Tempe is 2% higher than the national average but a bit more affordable than other cities in the Phoenix metro. With an average home value of $525k and rent starting at $1450, housing is the biggest expense for residents here.

Transportation and healthcare are also more expensive in Tempe, but the groceries are cheaper.

Households here have an average income of $57,994 and individuals $30,784.

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