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Rent To Own Homes In San Tan Valley, AZ

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San Tan Valley is an up-and-coming community in Pinal County, southeast of the Phoenix Metro Valley. A low crime rate, a slower pace of life, and a friendly and supportive community make this one of Arizona's best places for retirement.

One of the most notable developments in the area is the Skyline Ranch Marketplace. Following the halt in progress in 2009, the commercial center has seen new developments over the past few years.

There are plenty of parks in and around San Tan Valley that families and individuals can visit to relax. The most prominent one is San Tan Mountain Regional Park, the premier destination for hiking, biking, walking, or simply walking your dog.

There are also golf courses in and around San Tan Valley, such as the Encanterra Golf course and the Golf Club at Johnson Ranch.

Employment in San Tan Valley is progressively robust. The sectors with the strongest labor force are:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail 

If you're looking for a higher-paying job, these industries are your most viable options:

  • Utilities
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and gas extraction

The community also prides itself on maintaining peace and security. According to Neighborhood Scout, San Tan Valley is 79% safer than most cities and towns in the US.

There is also a decent selection of schools in San Tan Valley, such as:

  • ALA San Tan 
  • Combs Traditional Academy
  • Ranch Elementary School
  • J.O. Combs Middle School
  • Poston Butte High School

Looking for houses for sale or rent-to-own homes in San Tan Valley, AZ?

San Tan Valley has affordable housing with an average price of $344,000 or $170 per square foot. That's 9% lower than the Arizonian average.

If you're looking to rent instead, you're looking at an average of $1482. There are more homeowners than renters, so you'll have little competition in finding an apartment or house to rent here.

Cost of living in San Tan Valley, AZ

The cost of living in San Tan Valley is 1.8% higher than the US average but 1% cheaper than most cities in Arizona.

San Tan Valley residents enjoy 3% cheaper groceries and 1% lower utility expenses.

However, transportation expenses here are 5% higher than the national average. Healthcare costs are also 5% more expensive.

Households here earn an average income of $67,880 and individuals $36,480.

Popular neighborhoods in San Tan Valley, AZ

  • Consider these neighborhoods if you're moving into San Tan Valley:
  • Johnson Ranch - includes 300 acres full of recreational spaces, a golf course, community pools, and 19 playgrounds.
  • San Tan Heights - a family-friendly neighborhood nestled at the foot of the San Tan Mountains with access to parks, schools, recreational amenities, and affordable housing
  • Copper Basin - has plenty of affordable single-family homes, public schools, parks, and resort-level amenities.


San Tan Valley offers a sanctuary to those seeking small-town charm within Phoenix's reach. Even though the economy and job market are still developing in this city, it ranks higher than most US cities for peace, security, and affordable cost of living.

If you're looking to buy a house in San Tan Valley, the median home value is $344,000. The average rent, on the other hand, is $1482.

You can own your forever home. Want to learn how? Let's talk.