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Rent To Own Homes El Mirage AZ

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Nothing says small town like El Mirage, Arizona. This suburban city is located northwest of the Phoenix Metropolitan area and is home to 40,000 residents. Luke US Air Force Base is its nearest and most notable landmark.

El Mirage started as a small cattle community, with farming and agriculture as the center of its economy. Despite its agricultural roots, the city is now considered an urban community emerging over the past generation.

The city has a lot to offer to sports fans. State Farm Stadium is just a few minutes drive away if you want to see the Cardinals play. If you want to watch a baseball game, you can head down to Phoenix. For golf enthusiasts, there's the Pueblo El Mirage Golf Course.

El Mirage is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, so you're also awarded the desert view 24/7. You can also find the Thunderbird Conservation Park and the White Tank Mountain Regional Park nearby.

Young adults and young families with children under 18 dominate most of the population here.

The diversity of work opportunities in and around the city is one of the reasons it attracts a younger demographic. El Mirage is only a 30-minute drive from downtown Phoenix, so it's an easy commute for them.

El Mirage also has decent schools in the area for families with young kids. Some of the leading educational institutions in the city are:

  • Surprise Elementary School
  • Dysart Elementary School
  • Luke School
  • Dysart High School

Looking for houses for sale or rent-to-own homes in El Mirage, AZ?

Affordability is the game in El Mirage. Houses are listed at around $389.9k or $237 per square foot and are usually sold at $390k. Homes in El Mirage spend 38 days on the market.

Rent is also affordable in El Mirage. You can rent a studio apartment for $1050 or a one-bedroom apartment for $1095.

Cost of living in El Mirage, AZ

The overall cost of living in this city is 10% lower than the national average.

Utilities such as energy and phone bills are 4% cheaper here than in other cities in the country. Transport expenses are 8% lower in El Mirage. Groceries are also 3% more affordable in this city.

Households in the city have a median income of $58,216, while individuals earn a median income of $31,534.

Popular neighborhoods in El Mirage, AZ

Check out these highly-recommended neighborhoods in El Mirage:

  • Dysart Ranchettes - perfect for large families looking for spacious homes; also a pet-friendly neighborhood with access to parks.
  • Arizona Brisas - the best place to find affordable homes.
  • Rancho El Mirage - houses here boast modern designs, desert landscapes, and spacious backyards.


The low cost of living and its strategic location has made El Mirage one of the most desirable cities in Arizona. The 40,000 residents living here enjoy its multitude of activities, desert landscape, and job opportunities.

Despite its rapid growth, El Mirage has maintained its affordable housing prices. Houses are usually listed at around $389.9k and sold for $390k. You can also rent a studio apartment for only $1050 or a three-bedroom apartment for $1950.

The cost of living here is 10% cheaper than the national average. Groceries are 3% lower, utilities 4%, and transportation expenses 8% lower.

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