The 2 Worst Questions To Ask A Realtor When Your Selling Your Home


So, you are thinking about buying or selling a property, but you’re a nervous wreck. Don’t worry it’s totally NORMAL.

Most people at some point in their life come to a point where they are buying or selling a home.  For some that might not bring a warm fuzzy feeling to you because some of your past experiences with real estate.  Most of that pretty much stems on you needing to rely on a Realtor to do the proper job.  But let's face it, not a lot of people are really that good at what they do.

A question you might ask yourself is (Do I Really Need A Agent?)  After all with all the major search engines like Zillow out there you can look at any house that any other realtor has access to and you can even list if for free.  So what are you really using a Realtor for?

You need one to be your guide.  Just because you have a map through the jungle doesn't mean that you know all the pitfalls that come with it. That is where a professional agent earns his real money.  A agent that has the pulse of the market can help you make a educated decision on if you:

Listed your home at the right price.

Let you know if you are paying the right price.

Show you how you are overpaying.

Or whether is the right time to buy or not just to name a few.

So why is it that so many people find themselves working with agents that don't fulfill their needs?  

They don't take the time to truly interview the agent to find out if they truly have the skills to meet their needs.  Now that could be because you simply don't know what to really ask them and therefore end up taking their word on things.

My goal of this article today is to help shed some light on the situation and prepare you for what you really should be looking for.  But before we get started let's take a look at what you should not be asking a Realtor. 

If some of these resonate with you, don't worry.  It's not your job to know our profession and the things you should be looking for.  The good news is that you are taking the steps now to educate yourself to know what to look for. 


Don't Make This Mistake!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when interviewing a Realtor is asking  "What company do you work for?".  Now this seems like a very valid and logical question to ask someone.  But the truth is that it has nothing to do with how a agent will market or help you buy your home.

The internet has leveled the playing field for everyone.  A person working at home has the same access and tools available as a person working at a billion dollar company.  

It comes down to working with a professional agent that truly understands the markets and how to fulfill your needs.  It's the agent who is the one that helps you make the educated decision on what to do.  Not the company.

If you have a agent that continually brings up the size of their company, it's probably because they are lacking in their own personal experience and have to justify it with leveraging their companies statistics.  

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I Think I'm Going To Puke!

Coming in at a close second place for the worst questions to ask a Realtor is the classic, “How long you been in the business?”.

This is a gut buster that just drives me crazy.  I know of to many people that have been doing something for 5,10,15 or even 20 years and aren't any better at it than when they first started.  Let me tell you something. Time on the job doesn't give you credentials.  

Real professional agents are master marketers and never stop learning how to market for their clients no matter how many years they have been in business. You have to always be mastering your craft.  Nobody know's who Pan Am is anymore do they? They thought that way as well and where are they now?

A agent from today's age should be able to present to you avenues of marketing that you didn't know where possible.  They should be able to bring your property to for four front of things and leave all other competition behind.  

This leads us right into the best questions to ask a Realtor.

Time To Bring Out The Question That Really Matters

What do you do other than list a house on the MLS and put a sign in my yard?

Being a realtor isn't just listing something on the internet and hoping that it will sell. If that is what you are looking for then you are better off going with some flat rate company that doesn't do anything and will get you the same results. You need someone that is going to invest in you and has a well thought out plan to get you the price you want.

What is the true market value of my house and please don’t BS me?

You know every realtor in this business is paid a commission and most of them are afraid to tell you the truth of what they really think your home is worth.  Most will just side with you because they don't want to offend you.  The truth of the matter is they are most of the time only hurting you.  A good realtor will tell you his honest opinion back by the data of the market.

The data will spell out very plainly what the market will bear on your home.  We don't create the market, we only play within it.

Can I get out of this listing agreement if I want?

People's biggest fears about dealing with a realtor is that they will be locked into a contract and not be able to get out.  Look 90% of people that try to become realtors fail in the first 3 years.  That means you have  a lot of people that are just winging it.  If you have a realtor that isn't willing to a Fire Me Guarantee, then you need to back away real quickly.  That's a person that doesn't believe in himself or in you.

Selling your can be one of the greatest things you've ever done in life, especially if you are making a good profit.  Just make sure that you go into it expecting the best from someone.  You don't get tons of chances to sell you home in life and you want to make sure you capitalize on it.  

I hope this article helps you and gives you the tools to make the right decisions in the future.  

If you liked this article please feel free to share it to your friends and family.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call anytime.

About the author 

Chad Denke

I've always loved the process of helping people and being a professional. So many things aren't done right in the world these days and it always feels good when you know you always deliver for your clients. It's what really drives me to give my clients a experience they will never forget.

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